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What is the Party-Trolley?  How does it work?  How can I get a ride?

-These are many questions that we are asked on a daily basis and yet the answers are simple!    The Party-Trolley is defined as a shared ride service.   Essentially our service is priced on an individual basis depending on what zone you travel through.   We have three  separate  zones with different prices ranging from $5-10 per ride.

-In order to get a ride we recommend a reservation, but keep in mind our hours of Operation! If you are not withing the hours of operation any group over 10 people can reserve anytime.


How to get on board?

-There are two ways to get on the Party-Trolley.

1. Reserve: You can reserve online anytime! You will receive a confirmation email once your reservation has been processed. This is the most efficient way to reserve and guarantee a ride to your party and a ride home.   You may also reserve a time besides our operations hours with advanced reservations.

2. On-Demand: You can get a ride from one of our Drop-Spots conveniently located in Nob Hill and Downtown to cover the most popular entertainment districts. We do not recommend this plan of action because you may find it difficult to get on board due to reservations!.


What are the Prices?

Zone 1: $5.00 per person/per ride.
Zone 2: $7.50 per person/per ride.
Zone 3: $10.00 per person/per ride.


Where are the zones?

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 What Zone do you live in?  Zone  Locator Click Here 

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