Mobile Digital Advertising

Do you want to support a local alternative to Drinking and Driving? But at the same time….

Do you want to get more brand recognition and have thousands of peering  eyes notice your business?

What if you could do both?  That’s Right! Advertise your business on our monitors, gain the exposure you desire and help out a service that fights DWI’s.

So…What is Mobile Digital Advertising?

Definition: Large Exterior monitors mounted to a vehicle that project billboard style advertisements and travel around the metropolitan area.

Think of it this way:  giant monitors “slapped” on the side of a large fan that drives around town while a majority of citizens are out and about!

Static billboard advertisement has proven effective in markets world wide, but only so many people travel down one specific road.  Mobile billboard advertisements are completely mobile, meaning they could be seen at one large intersection, and twenty minutes later be seen on the opposite side of town.


We offer multiple platforms of advertising to help you gain the exposure you need, whether its a captured audience or increasing brand recognition, we can do it all.

Advertising Platforms:

Interior Advertising: (Digital),offering our clients a video platform to reach a captured audience.

Exterior Advertising: (Digital) offering our clients a billboard style platform to gain brand recognition and general presence.

Web Advertising: (Digital) Wish to get a few extra thousand hits to your website, well we can direct traffic your way!

Johnny Board Style:(Static) Small 8.5 x 11 johnny board style advertising is available on the interior of the bus.  We call them “bus boards.”  Limited Availability.

Mobile Digital Advertising


Whatever your advertising needs be, we can and will satisfy your needs.  Not only do we stand behind our products, but we stand behind the price, which you may find is less than you thought!

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