Love the Party-Trolley? Or are you simply looking to utilize the service a few times during  the month?  No matter the reason, we are happy to offer our memberships to make sure that no student has an opportunity to drink and drive.  This is just one more step in accomplishing our goal of reducing the number of DWI’s in New Mexico.  Enjoy the few different types of membership to benefit you!


































Savings Calculations

How did we calculate this? Level One: The assumption was made that an individual could ride either on average 2 nights per week, 4 weeks per month, on a round trip schedule. The level one calculation was based on the cost of $15 per ROUND TRIP ride or $7.50 each way. The taxi fare was based on a $23.00 cab fare, calculated using posted cab fares online in the same drop off and pick up points. The taxi fare does not include the “fuel surcharge” fee. Level Two: this calculation was again based on a round trip ride twice per week and for four(4) weeks out of a month; going from the Nob Hill Drop-Spot to the Dirty Bourbon area (zone 3). The calculated fare of a cab was calculated on a $45.00 fare from the same locations.  The savings represents savings in one month

Do you normally travel in and around zone 3?  Then you mind that a level 2 membership is for you.   Both levels of membership are available per year or per semester.

As a Party-Trolley member enjoy the convenience of members only reservations and priority access!

As our membership grows we intend to offer member-only rides on Tuesdays

When your friends ask you how you’re getting home, don’t be afraid to flash them your Membership card!

Semester Membership Level 1

Need a membership for a specific semester? We offer memberships for 5 months at a time in order to make sure that you have a ride all semester long! Each membership have different operating procedures. This student membership will allow you to utilize the Party-Trolley in Zone 1 and Zone 2. There are no ridership minimums. The service is available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 8:00 pm to 2:30 am! If our membership gains above 200 members, we will offer service on Tuesday Nights for members only. Price: $45.99

Semester Membership Level 2

Do you frequently travel in zone 3? Don’t worry about minimum number of riders, because you are a member! Enjoy the next level of our memberships! This membership will cover zone 1, 2, and 3. Enjoy an unlimited number of rides in all three zones! We look forward to riding with you! Price: $89.99

Yearly Membership Level 1

Around Albuquerque all year long? Then this membership is perfect for you! Enjoy unlimited ridership in zones 1 & 2! This membership will be charged per month, for a year period. This service will be available on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights from 8:00PM to 2:30AM. Look out for our Tuesday service starting soon! Price: $39.99

Yearly Membership Level 2

Are you around Albuquerque most of the year, do you like to travel in zone 3? This membership level is just for you. This level covers many entertainment establishments such as the casinos, HardRock Pavilion, and the Dirty Bourbon. With this membership you can travel within all three zones without limit. Price $79.99

How to sign up!

Our membership is run through Chargify to ensure this process is as convenient and easy as possible for our customers.  By clicking the links below, you will be re-directed to our chargify system where you enter your information.  Once you have signed up you will receive a package in the mail with your membership card, zone map, and membership reservation information.

Buy Now Semester Level 1 Buy Now Semester Level 2 Buy Now Yearly Level 1 Buy Now Yearly Level 2


What do you get?

After you sign up with the Party-Trolley membership, what do you get? 1. Membership Card containing the information on how to contact us via member services. 2. A zone map containing all the information about our zones, exactly where they are located, and information pertaining to reservations.


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