How it works

Our fares are based per person/per ride.  Three zones, three prices.$5-10 per ride.   Reservations STRONGLY recommended.  Larger groups will  receive  priority as it is our goal to service as many party goers as possible!



We operate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights! Other times available by advanced reservations. Thursday 8:00PM to 2:30AM Friday 8:00PM to 2:30AM Saturday 8:00PM to 2:30AM
Three zones, three fares. And its not hard to figure out how much your ride will be. The highest number zone you travel in will be the price you pay per person. ZONE 1: $5.00 ZONE 2: $7.50 ZONE 3: $10.00 The only other fee you may incur with your fare, is a 50 cent charge for utilizing your debit or credit card on our bus.
The Party-Trolley has been called many things, including a group taxi, a fun bus, a drunk bus, a limo bus. So what are we? We are a shared ride transportation service, we move customers from their homes to the entertainment districts in Albuquerque. Although we are an On-Demand service, we strongly recommend you reserve your ride to ensure your ride home! You will be able to enjoy Albuquerque in a new manner, the guilt free drinking manner. Don’t worry about a DWI, don’t worry about which one of your friends is going to drive. Choose us. We take out the guess work, and you have the ability to enjoy your night worry free. Share the ride, share the fare, share the fun!



How to Ride ME…

After talking to your friends you’ve realized you want to go out on Thursday night. No one wants to be the designated driver, so you decide to take the Party-Trolley. Good Decision
You’re savvy, you went online to make a reservation. It was easy, and got an email confirming the submission of the reservation request.
It won’t be a long wait, most reservations are processed in 24-48 hours. You get the reservation approval and confirmation email in your inbox!
After receiving the confirmation from us, we also sent you a request for a deposit. The deposit is to guarantee your reservation and time slots. Once your deposit is paid, no need to worry any more. The next time you’ll hear from us is 15 minutes before your reservation occurs. We keep you up to date on progress.
The planning is over, the deposit paid. Sit back, relax, and get excited for the experience you are about to have. Not only is it fun, but your also being responsible and safe. The community salutes you!

 What Zone do you live in? Zone Locator Click Here


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