Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I reserve? 

Reserve online by clicking here.   You can also call or text us 505.433.7FUN  (7386)

What is the best way to reserve?

In order to remain efficient and affordable we recommend you make a reservation online.  After filling out the form, if the reservation time is available you will receive a confirmation.   Upon confirming the reservation you will be asked for 50% deposit on your reservation.

What is the cost?

Our fare system is based on an individual basis.  Depending on how many riders you have and which zone you are traveling within will constitute the fare.  We only have three fares, Zone 1: $5, Zone 2: $7.50, Zone 3: $10.00.

Example:  If you have 5 riders going from Downtown to the “Dirty Bourbon,” it would be $10.00 per rider for that ride.  If the group wanted a  round-trip  back to downtown, it would cost the exact same as the first ride.

Do you give rides outside of your operations hours?

Yes we do, if you have a group of 10 people or more with 48 hours notice we will move you wherever.  It is a wedding service or a corporate service we charge by the hour per our charter agreement.

I live on the West Side, which zone am I in? 

If you live west of the Rio Grande River, you are located in Zone 3.  This zone has a 6 person minimum.  It is the only zone with a minimum number of riders.

Do I need a group to ride?

If you are traveling in Zone 1 or 2, you do not need a group or a minimum number of riders.  Zone 3 is our only zone with a group minimum.  Zone 3 has a 6 person minimum.

Should we tip the Driver?

Just like any other transportation service in the United States, it is customary to tip 15-20% to the driver.

What if we have a sick friend?

Don’t worry if your friend is a little under the weather, if they end up “losing their stomach” or “puking” on the bus, as long as it gets in a trash can you will have no cleaning fees.  Now if your friend throws up anywhere else on the bus, there is a $50.00 fee.

Will we be sharing the Party-Trolley?

The chances of your group sharing a ride with another party is low, but if it does happen there is a Host inside the bus to maintain a fun and social atmosphere.



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